About Antler Picasso™

A floor lamp

My first floor lamp

If you are looking for a great antler chandelier, antler lamp, or any other antler project you have found the right source. All of our pieces are built to last a lifetime and become heirloom pieces.

My name is Eric Stanosheck, Owner and Artist of ANTLER PICASSO™. My lifelong passion for antlers and antler artwork started over 25 years ago. I built my first lamp out of antlers in my garage as a fun project and have been hooked ever since. Now I build and ship antler chandeliers and lamps to almost every state in the nation and have numerous repeat customers who commission custom designs regularly. You will also see some of my ANTLER PICASSO™ chandeliers and lamps in retail stores, lighting galleries, and rustic furniture stores in Texas and Wyoming.

On the hunt for antlers

On the hunt for antlers

I personally hike hundreds of miles and log hundreds of hours with my father finding antlers on the winter ranges in Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, and Kansas. That in itself provides the antlers for many projects; but just to have the right selection I do buy shed antlers from ranchers, farmers, and other shed antler collectors. For me, the finished product needs to be balanced, flowing from one antler to the next. For this reason, I am very discerning when selecting antlers for each of my unique works of art. So it helps to have hundreds of each type and size to choose from.

I also offer customers the option of providing their own antlers for the project, saving you 30% off the retail price. This is a great way to personalize your one of a kind custom antler artwork. Each piece of antler art or lighting starts out as a box of antlers. They are transformed by my hands and tools – through painstaking hours in my workshop – creating a finished product that deserves the ANTLER PICASSO™ name.

Wiring a chandelier

Wiring a chandelier

All wiring on our antler chandeliers and antler lamps is completely run inside the antlers and all screw holes are patched and colored to blend in naturally. All lighting items are assembled with 100% UL Listed parts and accessories for safety and quality. A project will never leave my shop unless it is the quality that I would display in my home.

There are places you can get antler chandeliers faster but if quality, detail, and artistic appeal are important to you a couple extra weeks is of no concern. Most custom projects are finished within 2-4 weeks depending on size. Some table lamps can be finished in a week while some of the hotel lobby size chandeliers are month long projects or more.


A custom Chandelier

A custom chandelier

The majority of my work is CUSTOM order. You will see a number of pictures on the website to give you a taste of some designs I have made, I will continue to add photos in the future. If you don’t see exactly what you envisioned please call or email me and I can take your vision and turn it into a masterpiece.

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